About KIC UnivAssist

KIC UnivAssist LogoKIC UnivAssist collaborates with North American universities, enabling them to successfully advance their global engagement. We support institutional needs in student recruitment, study abroad, alumni engagement, institutional partnerships and public relations in India, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Our goal is to help universities develop and implement a comprehensive international engagement plan. Whether in student recruitment or a PR press release, there is a reason 140+ top U.S. institutions trust us with their international efforts and strategy development.

Our Key Strengths:

  • Presence in 25 countries
  • Successfully conducted 40+ recruitment tours with 140+ partner universities
  • A NAFSA global associate
  • Strong network with 300+ high school and college counselors
  • Customized and holistic engagement strategies in India, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East for North American institutions

About the Blog

Welcome to the UnivAssist blog, where our knowledgeable staff, partners and industry contacts share insights on international higher education including student recruitment strategies, analysis of study abroad statistics, resources for alumni engagement and more. Let us share our wealth of experience with you, so that you can more effectively reach your international education goals. On the blog, you’ll find posts on various topics as well as specific regions, including India, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Have a question? Looking for advice on a current challenge? Please contact us! We are happy to answer any questions or connect with you for a detailed discussion on any topic.