The First Indian to Get a Perfect GRE Score Under the New Format Shares Some Tricks to Ace Exams

The competitive nature of entrance exams forces students to push themselves to do their very best. Shrikant Ayyangar writes about Ashwini Nene, the young prodigy who became the first Indian to get a perfect score in the GRE under the test’s revised format. Shrikant AyyangarShrikant, UnivAssist’s Marketing and Communications Strategy Associate, has over 10 years experience […]

Decoding the U.S. education system through an Indian lens

world through a lens

As a young student, I was quite eager to learn about how to study abroad. At that point, there were considerably fewer options for studying abroad and there was very little versatility in terms of courses. Since then, the education sphere has widened radically and studying abroad now allows students to explore opportunities based on […]