Blog Contributors

Shrikant Ayyangar

Shrikant, UnivAssist’s Marketing and Communications Strategy Associate, has over 10 years experience in corporate communications, digital marketing, content writing and editing. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, blogging and photography.

Tracy Beavers

As Communications Coordinator, Tracy Beavers works in marketing, communications, graphic design and social media for UnivAssist. She brings more than five years of experience from a variety of fields including equine and medical non-profit.

Tanvi Kamdar

As Communications Coordinator, Tanvi helps to develop content, as well as manages email communications and logistics for recruitment tours. Tanvi’s previous experiences include content writing and editorial coordination for an IT firm and a publication house.

Ganesh Kohli

With an extensive knowledge of the education sector, Ganesh Kohli is a visionary who has nurtured and co-founded multiple organizations under his expert care and guidance including KIC UnivAssist and the IC3 Movement.

Kate Lotz

As Assistant Director of Communications for UnivAssist, Kate creates and develops our marketing/communications, branding, and publication strategy. Uniquely positioned with backgrounds in higher education and international relations, Kate has lived and worked abroad in India, China, and the Caribbean.

Swaraj Nandan

As KIC UnivAssist Director and co-founder, Swaraj Nandan brings strong international perspective to the management team. He currently leads UnivAssist’s U.S. office and is responsible for product strategy and day-to-day operations.